Property Management

Christo Properties is all about management done right. Each property and investment is properly cared for and managed efficiently as if it were our own. Christo Properties vacation rentals are top notch properties with the best of the best in location, facilities, utilities, and décor.

One of the areas where Christo Properties prides itself in is in its rental cleaning services. These cleaning services will stand out immediately. Christo Properties cleaning provides maintenance and cleaning in one package. You name it and we make it happen. Our staff is extremely professional and we communicate with you on the status of your home.

Christo Properties also believes in hands free management. That is why we cater to each individual client’s needs by providing personalized services done right the first time you ask, every time. We strive for 100% excellency in each area of our services, in particular our maintenance and sanitation services. We will impress you and your guests with the level of care, detail, and cleanliness provided.

Our staff at Christo Properties believes that relationships are built over time. You will feel confident with Christo Properties quickly responding around the clock to any and all emergencies that may arise while your guests are there.

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