The Seattle Waterfront: Pike Place Market

homeNo trip to to the Northwest in complete without taking in the breathtaking waterfront vistas. And no trip to the Seattle waterfront is complete without visiting the Pike Place Market Historic District overlooking Elliot Bay.
Pike Place Market first opened in 1907, and is listed in the National Register of Historic places as one of the oldest continuously-operated public farmers’ markets in the U.S. Popular with both tourists and native Seattleites alike, this market is more than just fishmongers and vegetable carts. After several expansions, the market is now the heart and soul of the Seattle waterfront Historic District.
From eclectic shops and craft vendors, to street performers, to restaurants and housing, the Pike Place Market District literally has something for everyone and is steeped in Seattle waterfront history. The Three Girls Bakery, founded in 1912, is the first Seattle business started by women and is still providing fantastically fresh baked goods, sandwiches and homemade soups to literally hundreds of hungry customers a day.

If you’re looking for more upscale Seattle waterfront dining, book a table at Il Bistro.This wonderfully authentic grotto-style Italian restaurant located off a quaint cobblestone ramp below grade in the Economy Market has been one of the defining restaurants for the Seattle fine dining scene since its opening in 1977. The traditional Italian cuisine at Il Bistro showcases the fresh local foods available throughout the market, and the late night menu is a great choice if you’re out sampling Seattle’s nightlife.

Pike Place Market isn’t all about food, however. The district also offers much in the way of entertainment, the most notable of which is probably the street entertainers, or buskers, found throughout the market. From wandering musicians to clowns and magicians, the buskers provide an ever-changing mix of entertainment throughout the Historic District.

For another great slice of Seattle history, check out the Moore Theatre. Founded in 1907, this theatre is the oldest still-operating theatre in Seattle. Offerings at the theatre include everything from community events and pageants to classic plays and concerts covering almost every genre.

If you’re in town and looking to find out what the Seattle waterfront is all about, start at the Pike Place Market. An eclectic blend of fantastic food, local history, regional products and unique entertainment, this market manages to capture the heart of everything Seattle.