Need a Recommendation for a Seattle Restaurant?

Seattle-best-Italian-RestaurantsSeattleites love to eat…a lot. Thankfully, this city’s obsession with great food and one-of-a-kind restaurants and specialty eateries is counterbalanced by its equally manic obsession with fitness, outdoor recreation and one-of-a-kind extreme sports.
It all started with Canlis, the oldest surviving high-end restaurant in the city. It speaks well of the fare served at Canlis that this spot, with its breathtaking views north and east over Lake Union, has never fallen from most “best of Seattle” lists since its doors opened in 1950. It also speaks well of the restaurant that, through every boom and bust cycle of the city, Canlis has always topped the list as the priciest eatery in the city, bar none. These days, the average price of an entrée is $49.

Café Campagne is for lovers and very close friends. This intriguing little oasis is nestled snuggly in Seattle’s French quarter in the Pike Place Market, along the cobblestone path of upper Post Alley. “Campagne” is at its best at breakfast, brunch, and lunch, when lovers are still rubbing the sleep from their eyes. The seating area is dark and intimate, L-shaped, like a curved body in peaceful slumber. The Mimosas and coffee are served with traditional French continental fare and special tenderness, as a balm counteracting the excesses of the night before, and as a humble introduction to the culture of a land far away. Do not miss this Seattle restaurant!

Crush is a relative newcomer, situated in Madison Park, the mixed business and residential neighborhood that served until recently as the water link between the east side of Lake Washington, known today as the Bellevue/Redmond/Microsoft side, and Seattle proper. Where once only small private wooden “ferries” came and went between the wilds of the east side and Madison Park, now only the Beemers and Mini-Coopers remain. Madison Park has always been one of the few ostentatious centers of wealth in Seattle. That said, Crush would be as welcome anywhere in the city. And Madison Park is an idyllic, picturesque corner of the city, with expansive views east over the lake to the Cascades beyond.

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